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Underpinning is the act of reinforcing an existing foundation while keeping the cost low & turn around time fast.

Reblocking / Restumping

To support an existing foundation with materials far greater & stronger than traditional materials.


Walls cracking in your home? This could be because your main foundation may be sitting on a sinking floor. Get in touch for your Floor Level Corrections.

Subfloor Rebuilds

Replacements of joists & bearers. Service includes the removal of any rot or termite damage.

Retaining Walls

Drainage damage could be quite costly. Retaining walls can be used to stop this damage from occurring.

Window/Door Corrections

Issues with your window frames and/or doors? Do not worry, give our friendly team a call & we can assist with all your needs.

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Do you have any cracks in your walls? Have you noticed a shift in your brick work? Is your home just generally a really old build?

You may be needing certain services depending on your exact scenario. Our super professional team would be thrilled to explain to you what you may or may not need by giving us a call on 0466 555 777 or email us on

In the meantime, have a read about some key differences of our main services below.

What is the difference between restumping, reblocking & underpinning?

Restumping, reblocking, and underpinning have one thing in common – they are all related to the foundations on which the structure of a house rests. The terms refer to the process of replacements and repair of wooden or concrete stumps that support the structure. Although the three processes deal with the foundations of the house, they are not the same.

This process is used exclusively for homes in Melbourne that have walls of brick veneer and a foundation of concrete slabs. As time passes, these concrete and stones starts to age and the stones start to crack. Due to this, the structure upheld by it begins to sink and cause over the top drive on the supporting pillars.


These two terms can be interchanged while referring to the replacement of foundation stumps. This procedure includes supplanting the feeble of rotting stumps with newer jacks to bolster the spoilt beams at the foundation.


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